The Representative Work of Chinese Food-Chins licKING

Author: qinfoods   Date: 2019/03/28

Shaanxi province embraces the Qinling mountain, known as the dragon vein of Chinese civilization. It is a mountain in four seasons, rich in natural resources and rich in plant resources.

The product research and development center of "Chins licKING", which is composed of domestic famous plant scientific research experts, is dedicated to exploring the scientific extraction and application of unique plants in Shaanxi.

"Chins licKING" takes all kinds of nutrtional plants growing in Qinling mountains as raw materials, uses the high-tech plant extraction technology, combines the formula of Shaanxi traditional folk food, through the modern equipment aseptic production, elaborately introduces the new concept of all-vegetable healthy food.

From raw materials to production, we strictly control every process to ensure that all ingredients are green, healthy, safe and fit in with international standards;

The products meet the requirements of consumers for high quality life, so that people can "send peace of mind, eat at ease"