Environment Friendly and Sustainability
Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd. is the outcome of the unique resource advantage of the northwest China and the historical accumulation of Xi’an, known as an import & export company committed to creating a modern silk road and introducing Shaanxi features to the world.
Wherever we operate, we respect the values and traditions of the local community.
We fulfill and also try to exceed existing environment requirements, and always strive to fully address any concerns regarding the impact of our activities. At the same time as we pursue a long-term strategy for profitable growth, we are also committed to conducting business in an ethical way.

Charitable Donations
Good cases of responsibility can be seen locally, where ChinslicKing Food has a range of social responsibility projects within the local primary school.
Beginning in 2012, the Company has subsidized local school and impoverished student, school environment were provided for 20 children and their families in two local villages. The subsidization project benefited local school and impoverished family, ensuring them with possibility for educational life.

social responsibilitysocial responsibiltysocial responsibility