Chins licKING Food Co.,ltd Keen on Public Service Activities

Author: qinfoods   Date: 2019/03/22

On 11th,Mar.15 staffs come from Xian Chins licKING Food Co.,ltd went  to Taiping Ravine which is in the North of Shaanxi Qinling Mountain .They are the volunteers


of Public service activity tree planting environmental protection, and they want to plant trees to clean environment.


At nine O’clock, the volunteers arrived at Taiping Ravine.They fetched 20 pcs pine saplings and borrowed shovels,buckets from the scenic spot.They begun to plant


tree actively step by step.It was heavy windy, in order to ensure the pine sapling grow well, the volunteers use dried stick to fix the sapling carefully.


After they planted the pine saplings,they climbed the mountain and picked up trash on the way. It is a full day for them.


In near future,  Chins licKING Food Co.,ltd will go on the Public service activities and they hope more and more people will join in .

 Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd.