Chins LicKING Branded Chinese red dates take the high quality red dates as the raw material and are made by special processing . With delicate , sweet and delicious taste,they are rich in nutrition.

Nutrient ingredients: Chinese red date are quite rich in Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron which are highly demanded by human body.
Character: Superior quality, equal size, dark red, tastes juicy and sweet, thick fresh while small kernel.
Functions: Nourish blood for women; Maintain beauty and keep young; Anti-cancer; Improving muscular strength and weight; Improve the body's immune function; Prevent liver-diseases; Soothe the nerves; Anti-allergy.
Uses: Chinese red date can be used as fruit, snack, Chinese traditional medicine, also can be used to make soup, breads, cake, candy, compote and jam.
Sayings: Eating three red date everyday can make you always stay young; Chinese red date is regarded as the Kind of Fruit

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Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd.
Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd.
Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd.


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