The First Chins licKING Vegetarian Diet Public Contest Held in Xi’an

Author: qinfoods   Date: 2019/11/15

Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd.

On Nov.15th, 2019, the first Chins licKING Vegetarian Diet Public Contest was held in Hyatt Regency Xian.

In order to respond a national health idea and promote vegetarian diet culture, we held this Public Contest under the guidance of Shaanxi Food Association. All contestants participated this contest through online registration, most of them are from different places of Shaanxi province.

“Vegetarian diet is a low carbon and healthy diet that is expected to be widely adopted. With the improvement of people’s health awareness and the rise of living environment optimization and animal protection, vegetarian diet has become a new trend in this modern society.” said by Mr. Lin Xiaoping, the vice president of China Food Association, the vice president and general secretary of Shaanxi Food Association.

 Through the experts’ appraisal review, some excellent works won prizes, such as Nattokinase Drinks, Natto, Mulberry Leaf Cookies, Chinese Raisin Tree Fruit Drinks, etc.. All these works are traditional Chinese food and they are all good to our health.

 We advocate healthy diet through this public contest, we hope everyone can benefit from this idea.