Chins licKING Sends Condolence for Sichuan Liangshan Fire Fighting Heroes

Author: qinfoods   Date: 2019/04/09

On March 30th, a forest fire broke out in Liangshan moutain, Sichuan province.The fire fighters struggled to put out the heavy fire to avoid more destroy,but during the process of putting out fire ,30 firefighters sacrificed their young life.

Today, we mourned the heroes, thanks to the heroes for their efforts, three minutes of silence for the heroes. Hopes their spirits be always with us.

Chins licKING reminds the following to avoid fire:

Please pay attention to fire prevention, do not carry matches, lighters and other fire into the forest at the spring outing.

When we have a picnic in the open area and near the water.Please put out the fire after the picnic, do not throw cigarette butts, take good care of children.Don't play with fire in the mountains.

Do not forget the heroes, and cherish the people around us.

To express our motion to our family:travel with children, play games. Help people around, cook a bowl of noodles, do a dish, to express the love of the world.

To cherish oneself is to cherish others.