China-Malaysia (Xi'an)Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Meeting

Author: qinfoods   Date: 2018/12/16

China-Malaysia (Xi'an)Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Meeting

China-Malaysia (Xi'an)Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Meeting was held at Xian municipal government during 9th  Dec to 11th Dec.As an outstanding brand in Shaanxi province, Chins licKING dispatched representative to attend this important meeting.

Malaysia’s special envoy to China Guowei Chen; Malaysia economic and trade delegation;Municipal leader;Responsible person of relevant department of government;Leaders of district and county development zones;Presidents of business association and more than 150 domestic well-known enterprises participated in. Malaysia is one of the places where Chinese people live in, It’s also one of important markets to Chins licKING at overseas. Chins licKING make establish international business with Malaysia,so that we can send nutrition and healthly Shaanxi style food to Chinese in Malaysia to achieve“Taking a Mouthful of Hometown Flavor Relieves Homesickness”. Our determination is to create a business card with Chinese characteristics.

During the period of meeting,Chins licKING and Malaysia delegation had communication in cultural tourism and agriculture,Promote bilateral cooperation,Promote mutual investment among enterprises.Realize resource sharing and mutual benefit.Xi'an ChinslicKing Food Co., Ltd.

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