Chins licKING New Products Konjac Foods

Author: qinfoods   Date: 2019/03/09

Konjac also called “Shirataki”,is the only perennial plant that can provide a large amount of glucomannan, as known as Konjac fiber.Konjac fiber is a good water-soluble dietary fiber,and is given the name of “The seventh nutrient”, “Blood purification agent”. Konjac primarily benefits to your overall health by promoting weight lose.It is very popular in chinese and overseas’ market especially Japanese.

Many people call konjac as ‘see you tomorrow’.Because it is low colarie, at first eating konjac food can keep good shape ; secondly, it purify our blood ,belly and stomach. It is much healthy.

Chins licKING supplies konjac dietary fiber, instant konjac noodles, dried konjac noodles , konjac tofu and so on. Drinking one cup of konjac dietary fiber everyday can clean our stomach ,blood and keep healthy. Konjac noodles and tofu as staple food. In China, people like preparing konjac vermicelli and konjac tofu  when eating hot pot. Chins licKING konjac foods are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia,South America with a large quantity.

We hope more and more people choose konjac food and keep healthy.