China Stands for Free Trade and Supports Fair and Equitable Trade

On the morning of November 13, local time, Chinese premier Li Keqiang delivered a keynote speech entitled "create and share prosperity through openness, inclusiveness" at the Singapore lecture and answered on-site questions.

Li said china-Singapore relations are moving forward steadily and practical cooperation is deepening.During President Xi Jinping's state visit to Singapore in 2015, the two countries established an all-round cooperative partnership that keeps pace with The Times.Over the past 40 years since China's reform and opening up, various sectors of Singapore have taken part in this process and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results with China.The purpose of my visit is to work with Singapore to sum up experience, build consensus, deepen cooperation and push bilateral relations to a new high.

Li pointed out that the current international political and economic situation is complex and uncertain.Over the past 70 years since the end of world war ii, world peace has been maintained on the whole and the number of people living in poverty has been decreasing. This is thanks to multilateralism, the rules-based international order and free trade.Under the current circumstances, we should firmly adhere to the principle of multilateralism, the principle of mutual respect, mutually beneficial cooperation and equality of all countries, large and small.China stands for free trade and supports fairness in trade. Freedom is the prerequisite for fair trade, and trade cannot be sustained if it is unfair.The problems arising from the process of globalization and free trade should be viewed from the perspective of development and resolved by means of reform. However, multilateralism and the basic rules of free trade should not be violated, let alone restarted.The direction of human civilization is clear. Despite the trials and tribulations, as long as we work together, we will be able to overcome the difficulties.